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Ready the beginning again: big question Harem book?

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 01:55 AM

Okay, I read the beginning of the comic again, and I have a few question.

If the book was supposed to summon a harem, why was Eeichi brought along for the ride? I'm pretty sure Daisuke isn't bisexual. (Reads a bit further) "Even the guy." I stand corrected.

1) If Kerisu's suffering from budget cuts that he can't even use his mirror, how did he know the girls arrived at all?

2) Why did the harem book spell simply not work? They never fell collectively for Daisuke. Where all the 'satisfied customers' statements on the back bogus? Why did it teleport them all to him but not make them like him?

3) Has Ellie become disillusioned with the anime worlds yet? Does she miss her family at all?

4) Why did Kerisu order his minion to just report on the movements of the girls if he intent was to employ them as groupies?

5) Where did the harem book come from? Have they really been back tracking where it came from all this time? Or have they gone off in a completely different direction?

Sorry if some of these questions have been answered already, but I'm curious.

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